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About Us

My name is Vanessa and I'm a mom of 14 year old twin girls. Snowhite Racing was inspired by my first dedicated lapping car; a white 1990 Miata MX-5 where I started my journey into motorsports. Translated from French "blanche neige" because of the colour; "Snowhite Racing" was born. I discovered my passion for motorsports on a lake in Quebec with an ex race car driver; Claude Bourbonnais and a miata 4 years ago after being diagnosed in 2018 with lung cancer. After completing the Perry Perfomance Race Academy in 2022 and earning my race license, I started racing. This year marks the 4th year of racing for me and I continue to evolve my craft.  "I started with nothing but a desire to try something different and the committement to learn"

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PT Challenge Series Race 3
Miata Challenge Race 6
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