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Getting Started in NASCAR as a Woman: Opportunities in Canada and the US

If you’re a woman aspiring to start a career in NASCAR, this guide will provide you with expert-driven insights on how to begin your journey, highlighting opportunities available in both Canada and the US.

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Building a Strong Foundation


Starting Early


  1. Karting: Karting is often the entry point for many aspiring racers. It teaches essential driving skills and racecraft from a young age. Participate in local karting leagues and competitions to gain experience and exposure.

  2. Local Racing Series: Transition to local racing series such as dirt track racing, legends cars, and late models. These platforms offer competitive environments to hone your skills and build a racing resume.


Formal Training and Development


Racing Schools


Having access to a local racing school will ensure that you have on hand instructors guiding you. 


Driver Development Programs


  • NASCAR Drive for Diversity (US): This initiative aims to provide opportunities for women and minorities in NASCAR. It includes driver development programs and training to prepare participants for higher levels of racing.

  • FIA Girls on Track (Canada & US): This global program introduces young girls to motorsports, providing them with training, mentorship, and career development opportunities.


Competing in Lower-Tier NASCAR Series


  1. NASCAR Pinty’s Series (Canada): This series is a stepping stone for Canadian drivers aspiring to enter higher levels of NASCAR. Competing here provides valuable experience and visibility.

  2. NASCAR Whelen All-American Series (US): Local and regional series where aspiring NASCAR drivers can build their reputations.

  3. NASCAR K&N Pro Series (US): A development series that serves as a gateway to the NASCAR Xfinity Series and eventually the NASCAR Cup Series.

  4. NASCAR Xfinity Series (US): The second-highest level of NASCAR, offering a competitive environment to refine skills before moving to the premier NASCAR Cup Series.


Networking and Building Connections


  1. Attend Races and Events: Participate in NASCAR events, trade shows, and industry conventions to network with team owners, managers, and sponsors.

  2. Social Media Presence: Maintain an active social media presence to showcase your racing journey, achievements, and engage with fans and industry professionals.

  3. Mentorship: Seek mentorship from established drivers and industry experts who can provide guidance and support.


Securing Sponsorship


  1. Professional Portfolio: Create a compelling portfolio highlighting your racing achievements, experience, and media coverage.

  2. Approach Sponsors: Identify and approach potential sponsors, focusing on those who align with motorsports or support diversity initiatives.

  3. Marketing Yourself: Develop strong marketing skills to effectively promote yourself and attract sponsorship deals.


Joining a Racing Team


  1. Prove Your Talent: Demonstrate your skills in lower-tier races to catch the attention of NASCAR teams.

  2. Team Trials: Participate in team trials and auditions to secure a spot in a professional racing team.

  3. Contracts and Negotiations: Be prepared for contract negotiations and understand the terms and conditions involved.


Staying Physically and Mentally Fit


  1. Fitness Training: Engage in regular physical training to meet the demanding requirements of racing.

  2. Mental Toughness: Develop mental resilience and focus to perform under the intense pressure of racing.


Opportunities for Women in Canada and the US




  • NASCAR Pinty’s Series: A premier stock-car racing series in Canada, offering a platform for aspiring drivers.

  • Racing Academies: Perry Performance and Calabogie Lapping Academy provide training, development and networking opportunities.


United States


  • NASCAR Drive for Diversity: Provides extensive development programs and pathways into professional NASCAR series.

  • Women in Motorsport North America (WIMNA): An organization dedicated to promoting and supporting women in motorsports across North America

  • Racing Academies: Schools like Skip Barber Racing School and Richard Petty Driving Experience provide top-tier training.




Entering NASCAR as a woman requires dedication, strategic planning, and perseverance. By starting young, gaining experience through karting and local racing series, and leveraging formal training programs, you can build a strong foundation. Networking, securing sponsorship, and joining development programs are crucial steps toward a professional racing career. With increasing support for women in motorsports in both Canada and the US, the opportunities are greater than ever. The track is open, and the engines are revving—it's time for women to take the wheel and make their mark in NASCAR.


Perry Performance / Calabogie Lapping Academy


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